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Welcome to GadaGoPlay.com!


This web site is being published for those who share my interest for recreational activities including playing soccer, throwing darts and bass fishing in New England.  Here you will find  pages for the teams I play for. A place to check schedules, standings, stats and the latest team news. The fishing page will be updated regularly during the Spring though Fall seasons with photos, reports and a tale or two.  By the way, the fishing page will cater primarily to the shore and paddle powered fishermen.  Leave your fish finder, electronics and gas motors at the home page. (that is until I can afford a bass boat!)  


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Our Work. Our Passion.
Using the power of soccer in the fight against AIDS, Grassroot Soccer provides African youth with the skills and support to live HIV free. We do this by continuously improving our innovative HIV/AIDS life-skills curriculum, sharing our program and concept effectively, and utilizing the popularity of soccer to increase our impact.












GadaGoPlay.com web site launched 9/24/06 !  


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